The World's Greatest Pop Culture Face-Off.


The World's Greatest Pop Culture Face-Off

The World039s Greatest Pop Culture Face-Off
Star Wars or Star Trek? iPhone or Android? Boxers or Briefs? The serious and meaningful debates you've had for years in bars, basements, and backseats have finally found a home: PopJoust, the world's greatest pop culture face-off.

Within this site, you'll find an endless parade of either/or choices from the worlds of film, fiction, food, and beyond. Vote in a joust, comment to defend your position, and see how your opinion stacks up against the only judge that really matters: the Internet.

New jousts will appear as long as you keep clicking, or search our database to vote on something- or someone- specific. Or, find the answers to your own burning questions by becoming a Joustmaster and creating your own jousts.

Welcome to the universe of VS. Joust on!